Coconut Oil and Oral Health? You Heard it Right! Say Goodbye to Cavities and Dental Issues By Using Coconut Oil

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Oral health is one of the most important issue in medical field. Doctors says that mouth is a window of your body, your oral health determines your body health. It’s more like a path, because from there food enters into your body. If your path is clean and tidy no infections would enter along food into your body. But if you don’t pay attention to it, then be ready for health problems. Every problem has a solution, you just have to find it.  If there are health issues, there are also a remedies for it. Our world is full of wonders. Nature has a solution of every problem. But unfortunately in the fast emerging world we keep finding solution of our health problems in an artificial chemical based products which might cure you on short term basis but it will not prove a long term solution and might end up having a further health issues. But gradually people are becoming aware that natural products are best remedy for our health issues. If we keen observe the natural products given by GOD, they are actually the best and effective solution of our problems. They are not only the cure of our particular health problems but also have zero side effects.


By Using Coconut Oil You Will Be Able To Reverse Cavities And Heal Decomposed Teeth

Many of us heard a lot of benefits of coconut oil. It is mostly used for hair health. Coconut oil based hair products are widely used specially by females. It is also used for your skin health and it is main ingredient in makeup products. But have you ever heard the benefit of using coconut oil for your oral health. It has unbelievable quality to absorb the bacteria into itself. Method of using Oil for oral health is an old Ayurveda method but non recognizable. But now its importance is known. Just throw away your chemical based tooth pastes, because you have coconut oil to rescue your oral health. Cheap and easy way. Don’t be the enemy of your money by spending on hazardous chemically filled toothpastes.

How to make a natural toothpaste by natural products:

Coconut oil can be used alone or along with other natural ingredients for oral care. There are different methods which will be discussed thoroughly you just need some simple items along with coconut oil and forget the oral cavities, swallowed and bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, yellow teeth, gingivitis.

There are following some procedure of using coconut oil.


  1. Coconut oil alone a super power: By using a coconut oil in oil pulling method means applying the coconut oil in the mouth, sit for 10 to 15 minutes, all the bacteria will absorb in coconut oil. Then spit it out.
  2. Baking soda and coconut oil: Make a paste of 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. And use it as a tooth paste. And you will surely see result after a first use.

Important to note:

You should use oil pulling 3 to 4 times in a week, while the paste made of coconut oil and baking soda can be used as a substitute of tooth paste. You can make this paste in a particular amount and safe it in air tight jar and use it twice a day. And believe it, you will never think of buying a tooth paste.


Source: Coconut Oil and Oral Health? You Heard it Right! Say Goodbye to Cavities and Dental Issues By Using Coconut Oil

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