How to Make alkaline Water to Fight Fatigue, digestive Issues and Cancer

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In order for it to be healthy and able to prevent diseases, our body should be a little bit alkaline.

However, many factors, like the environmental, processed foods, chemicals and stress, influence our body state and make it more acidic (if not highly acidic).

This is a serious issue as it leads to more health complications, including fatigue, digestive issues and weight gain. Moreover, if not balanced on time, this environment in our bodies may influence healthy cells and they will become toxic, and over time, even cancerous.

The pH scale goes from 0(the most acidic) to 14 (14 the most alkaline). 7 is therefore neutral, and our bodies are designed to thrive in a slightly alkaline environment of 7.4.

However, our body organs function on different pH levels. For instance, the pH of the digestive tract can vary a lot, from 1.5-7.0, and is influenced by many factors, but mostly by the diet we consume.

Our saliva is more acidic in order to be able to help the digestion of food, and its pH ranges from 6.5-7.0, as it). On the other hand, the typical pH value of the skin is 5.

Also, according to the findings of a 2006 study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, its pH should be 4-4.5 in order it to be more strong in eliminating and preventing  infections.

Namely, the science has discovered it long ago, and we are all aware that the food we consume can significantly determine our overall pH levels, and in that way, our health condition.

Since 1931, when Dr. Otto War burg found the truth that has made him win the Nobel Prize in Psychology or Medicine, researchers constantly struggle to determine the ph value of different foods, and their contribution to the environment of the body.

Source: How to Make alkaline Water to Fight Fatigue, digestive Issues and Cancer

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